Well its almost here – that’s Christmas as if you need telling. I hope as you read this you are not too frazzled by all that goes into making Christmas Christmas! To help you through the festive season here are a few tips to keep you feeling radiant.

Sleeping Beauty
Try to allow for at least 5 hours sleep a night. It may not be enough, but in the beauty stakes it’s essential, if you believe in beauty sleep that is. Experts recommend that you don’t go below 5 hours per night to maintain your skin health.

H2 Oh Oh Oh!
Drink plenty of water especially if you are taking in more alcohol than usual. Alcohol is a de-hydrater so try and put a little back into your skin (and help your liver too).

As pure as driven snow
Take your make-up off before bedtime. Don’t use a wipe if you can help it – they are full of chemicals that are more beneficial to the wipe than to your skin. Use a remover and wash if you can (soap free cleansers please!).

If you wear a good quality mineral powder you’ll just about get away with it. However, too many nights sleeping in makeup of any kind isn’t going make for a lovely problem free Christmas complexion, and your lashes will be destroyed by not taking off your mascara.

Indulge a little
Try to remember to use your favourite eye/night cream. Just like drinking water to re-hydrate, your skin needs all the help it can get at this time of year as we over indulge in food and drink.

Walking in a winter wonderland
If the weather allows, try and take a few walks to blow away the cobwebs and get your system going. The increased blood circulation to skin during walking helps supply nutrients to skin cells and remove harmful toxins from it. Just remember to protect your skin from the elements, especially frost, wind and sun.

Have a happy and healthy Christmas with a problem free and glowing complexion and if the New Year and another year older fills you with dread – don’t worry we’ll be back in January to make you look and feel great.

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