Applying eyeshadow can be a daunting prospect. Follow these simple tips for perfect peepers every time.

Your starting point for applying eye shadow should be a clean eyelid base.

DON’T apply moisturiser to your lid – this will make your eye shadow crease.

DO apply concealer or an eyelid primer to counteract redness. Your eye shadow will be true to colour and last all day.


A simple wash of one eye colour across your lid from lash-line to crease with a slick of eyeliner can look very chic.

TRICOLOUR (light, medium and dark toning colours)
First apply your medium shade across your lid from lash-line to crease, gently patting into place.

Next apply your darkest colour into the crease. Look straight into your mirror and place your brush into the crease that forms. Your brush will naturally fit into it.

Move your brush backwards and forwards in the crease, in a window wiper motion. Make a slight v shape around the outer corner of your lid to your lash line. For a smokier look add extra colour to deepen the outer v.

Your final eye shadow colour will be the lightest. Place this just beneath your eyebrow to highlight and give a lifted effect. You can also apply some to the inner corner of the eye for a more wide awake look!

Always tap your brush before you apply shadow to get rid of any excess, this will prevent any shadow from falling onto your face.

The key to applying eye shadow is to blend. Use a clean brush to blend the edges of each colour in small circular motions.

Apply a small amount of the darker shadow from the outer corner of your eye along your lower lash line, this gives a softer effect than eyeliner.