Growth Factor Facial

Growth Factor Facial – the intensive collagen boosting facial

As we age, sun damage and collagen loss can cause our skin to lose its plumpness, elasticity and radiance.

Endocare Growth Factor Facial is an invigorating and intense facial which stimulates collagen production in three ways to physically and visibly rejuvenate ageing skin.

What are growth factors?

Think of growth factors as your skin’s messengers, waking up your skin cells and kicking them into action – that means lots more collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

  • Fresher, plumper, tighter skin

  • Improvement in texture and tone

  • Visible results after one treatment

  • No pain or downtime

  • Perfect for skin with visible signs of stress, ageing and sun-damage

Boost collagen in three ways

Endocare Growth Factor Complex

Growth factor complex

Endocare Concentrate Serum and Gelcream Mask are packed full of a powerful growth factor complex call SCA BioRepair, clinically proven to induce powerful collagen production.

Endocare Growth Factor Microneedling


Micro-needling surface skin renewal stimulates and regenerates the top layer of your skin, whilst creating micro-channels to infuse your skin with Endocare Concentrate growth factors.

Endocare Growth Factor Facial Lift and Sculpt Massage

Life and sculpt massage

A lift and sculpt facial massage increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients, clears away toxins and works the Endocare growth factors even deeper into your skin.

Pre-treatment Consultation
Doctor Montero

  • Skin health consultation and personalised treatment plan discussion.
    Redeemable against treatment/non-refundable

Growth Factor Facial

  • Course of 3 + Homecare Tensage Serum

GFF Ultimate Pick-me-up

  • Single treatment


Your skin is given a refreshing cleanse and a clarifying exfoliation with glycolic and salicylic acid, to unclog pores and clear away any impurities and dead skin cells.


Collagen production is boosted in three ways to reveal a healthy, youthful and radiant complexion.


Following your facial treatment, your skin can be more sensitive to the sun and its damaging rays. We give your skin maximum protection with the application of Heliocare 360˚ SPF50.