Electrolysis – be free from troublesome hairs on the face and body

If you have hairs on your face or body that laser is unable to treat, Electrolysis is the ideal solution. It can be used for grey, white and red hairs on all skin types. Treatment is with our Aesthetic Nurse and highly experienced Therapist.

Electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal treatment to remove all hair types and colours safely from all skin types.

15 minute appointment

  • Course of 6 = £125
    Number required on consultation

There are 3 main methods of electrolysis called galvanic, thermolysis and blend. All 3 are capable of permanently removing hair.

Electrolysis is performed by inserting a very fine, flexible needle into the follicle (the pocket where the hair sits in your skin). Your therapist then skillfully applies a tiny amount of current and destroys the lower part of the follicle, which stops any more hairs growing from that particular follicle.

The destruction is carried out by heat (thermolysis), a chemical reaction (galvanic) or both blended together (blend).

Electrolysis can be used to treat unwanted hair all over the face and body but for larger areas we would recommend laser hair removal treatment first followed by electrolysis. This is because laser is quicker and less painful than electrolysis, but as laser is not suitable for grey/white or certain types of red hair we can target the any grey/white/red hairs individually.

As our therapists are experienced in the use of both laser hair removal and electrolysis, they can advise on and treat unwanted hairs with the treatment most suitable for you.

Discover the benefits of electrolysis

  • Reduction in the number of in-growing hairs
  • A reduction in spots and hair related blemishes
  • Freedom from unsightly and uncomfortable shaving rashes
  • Treatment under the supervision of experienced medical professionals

Yes electrolysis is the only method of removing all types and colours of hair.

You will need a course of regular treatments but the number of treatments actually needed varies and depend on the density and type of hair you have.

All of this will be discussed with you during your initial consultation.

Appointments are usually 15 -30 minutes.

Yes, Electrolysis permanently damages the follicle and prevents that hair from re-growing.

However like laser treatment, it will only destroy hairs that are present during treatments and as new ones develop over time, you may need top up treatments from time to time.

Please refer to our page on the hair growth cycle and how it affects treatment.

Treatment feels a little stronger than plucking, but settings can be adjusted and one of the 3 types of electrolysis may be more suitable for your sensitivity.

Discuss this with your therapist who will be happy to advise you of the most suitable approach.

There may be a little swelling and redness around the treated area immediately after treatment but this should settle down quickly.

You can manage your hairs as normal(may be by waxing or tweezing) in between treatments and should see a gradual reduction in the density over time.

If you do not pick or scratch the treated area and you follow your aftercare instructions there is very little chance of scarring or side effects.

Keep to your regular treatment schedule and follow the care instructions given to you and you will get great results without complications.

Deborha Connolly - Nurse Practitioner

Deborah Connolly – Aesthetic Nurse

Deborah joined Discover Laser as an Aesthetic Nurse in December 2012 and has established herself as lead practitioner in Laser Hair Removal and Electrolysis.

Deborah is well known to many people in Burnley thanks to over 30 years of dedicated service as a community nurse. She has been involved with Discover Laser since 2008, attending training meetings and events to gradually learn new treatment skills and to extended her knowledge of how skin and hair function.

You can be assured of her kind and understanding nature and benefit from her extensive experience and attention to detail.

Gill Montero Managing Director of Discover Laser

Catherine Fraser – Aesthetic Therapist

Catherine joined Discover Laser in 2015, bringing with her a wealth of experience from over 25 years as a beauty therapist in Burnley and the surrounding area.

As a qualified Reflexologist, Reiki practitioner and teacher of beauty therapy, her patients appreciate her breadth of knowledge and enjoy her holistic approach to treatment.

Having recently added a ‘Core of knowledge’ in lasers and light therapies to her belt, and with her excellent knowledge of skin and hair, she is a key practitioner in our laser hair removal team.