Sadly, we don’t all wake up looking how we do when we leave the house; it takes time to look that good! If you are looking to get ready quicker in the morning, meaning you can get a few more minutes of precious sleep, take a look at a few of these long lasting beauty treatments:

Laser Hair Removal

Does your partner say you take ages in the bathroom? Well, you can cut this time drastically by not having to shave in the shower. With Laser Hair Removal you can have smooth legs without the hassle of shaving or waxing, and you won’t get any of those pesky razor nicks.

Laser Hair Removal treatment will safely target the root of the hair with highly concentrated laser light, without damaging the skin around it. This is suitable for all skin types and will work on most hair colours. It will also reduce in-growing hairs!

In six to nine treatments you will see a permanent reduction in unwanted hair, and regular touch ups will ensure your legs stay silky smooth for longer.

Gel Nail Varnish

Colourful or French manicured nails look fab, but if you do hands on jobs the varnish won’t last more than a few days before it starts to chip and fade. For a solution that will last weeks, invest in a gel manicure. Okay so admittedly you can’t do this yourself, but a 30 minute treatment every few weeks should be manageable. And in the meantime, if you do get bored of the colour, you can paint over it with a normal varnish!

Eyelash Tinting

Are you a girl who would never leave the house without a good coat of mascara? If so, stop pumping that brush, put your mascara down and book an eyelash tinting appointment. You could go mascara free for up to two weeks with a tint. And if you have your eyebrows done too, it could last up to a month.

We calculate that if you have hair removal laser treatments, a gel manicure, and an eyelash tint, you can stay in bed for at least an extra 20 minutes in the morning! And who wouldn’t like more sleep?