Mohs Surgery

Gold-standard treatment for skin cancers

The chance of developing a nonmelanoma skin cancer such as basal cell (BCC) or squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is about one in five. Caused by exposure to sunlight, they are most commonly found on the head and neck and require swift diagnosis and removal.

We are proud to offer Mohs surgery, the gold-standard for high-risk nonmelanoma skin cancers at our Burnley clinic

Mohs surgery is a precise surgical technique performed by our resident Consultant Dermatologist and fellowship-trained Mohs micrographic surgeon, Dr Arif Aslam. Done in stages, including lab work, while our patients wait, all cancerous cells are removed, while healthy tissue is left untouched, leaving the smallest possible scar.

Mohs Surgery has the lowest recurrence rates, highest cure rates and best cosmetic results of any skin cancer treatment.

  • The most effective technique for treating skin cancers

  • Single-visit surgical treatment

  • Local anaesthetic

  • Lab work done while you wait

  • Smallest possible scar

  • 99% cure rate for a skin cancer that has not been treated before

  • Health insurance registered

Five steps to cancer-free skin

Step one


After an initial consultation and diagnosis, you will return to the clinic for surgery. Dr Aslam will numb the area to be treated with local anaesthetic.

Step two


A thin layer of tissue is precisely removed. While you relax in recovery, this is processed and then analysed under the microscope by Dr Aslam to assess if all of the cancerous cells have been removed

Step three


If any residual cancer cells are seen these are mapped and then removed from only the areas that are positive.

This stage is repeated until no further cancer cells remain.

Step four


Once all cancer cells are removed, Dr Aslam will immediately repair the treated area. This is done with great care so you are left with the smallest possible scar.

Step five


Immediately after treatment, you will be given after-care instructions, a follow-up appointment will be booked and you will be able to go home.


  • Medical history, skin analysis, diagnosis and treatment plan

Mohs Surgery from

  • In complex cases price up to, but not exceeding, £3500