Regenerate your skin with Neogen

Dramatically different, safe and clinically proven. Neogen generates new and revitalised skin, providing remarkable and long-lasting results.
Your face, eyes and neck can look dramatically different without invasive treatment. NeoGen will make your skin look and feel years younger.

Neogen smooths wrinkles, eliminates brown spots, brightens and tones skin all at the same time.

NeoGen is a non-surgical treatment. It distinctively alters the skin’s structure on and below the surface.
This stimulates skin regeneration, unlike other treatments which only improve the skin’s surface.

NeoGen™ Plasma is unique in its use of  ‘plasma’ energy to revitalise and regenerate your skin, providing remarkable and long-lasting results.

Clinically proven NeoGen Plasma distinctively alters the structures both at and below the surface (unlike other treatments, which only provide an improvement at the skin’s surface). This creates the right conditions for continuing skin regeneration.

NeoGen protects as it treats

Plasma energy is derived from excited nitrogen gas. During treatment plasma uniquely preserves the skin’s outer layers which act as a natural protective dressing until your new skin underneath regenerates.

NeoGen is the first and only treatment clinically proven to regenerate skin

100% of the skin is treated, initiating regeneration deep below the surface, remodelling a natural skin architecture which replaces the damaged or wrinkled layers naturally.

New, healthier, natural collagen growth will improve contours, tighten your skin and enhance your overall appearance.

Pre-treatment Consultation
Doctor Montero

  • Skin health consultation and personalised treatment plan discussion.
    Redeemable against treatment/non-refundable

Eyes or Mouth

  • 7-10 days downtime

Full Face & Eyes

  • 7-10 days downtime

This will depend on your skin condition, the area treated and the level of energy used. It varies from a single treatment to a course of 4-6 treatments.

Your NeoGen™ procedure will typically take about 30 to 60 minutes depending on the area being treated and the level of energy used. Topical anaesthetic is applied before high energy treatments for approx 30 mins.

You will feel a deep warm-hot sensation from each energy pulse. The anaesthetic applied reduces any sensation and makes the treatment quite tolerable. You’ll be able to describe the depth of the feeling to your practitioner, which will help to ensure the best possible results.

Depending on the energy level used, the reaction will vary from slightly flushed to red and swollen. Higher energy treatments leave you feeling like you have strong sunburn which can last 2-4 hours. There is no pain or discomfort after this has passed but once the swelling has reduced (approx 4 days post treatment) you will see some skin peeling.

We recommend that those having higher energy treatments organise their treatment around a time where there are no social activites for 10 days. Some will prefer to have leave from work too, to allow for recovery.

Low energy treatments – you may see some improvement to your skin after about 4 weeks and this will continue to improve throughout the course of treatment.

High energy treatments – you will see improvements once the swelling and peeling subsides, however it will take a couple of months to start to see the full results from treatment.

NeoGen is clinically proven to last up to 2 years and has been seen to last even longer. You will most likely need a top-up treatment after 24-26 months after your initial treatments depending on how you have looked after your skin.

I am 55 in April and I wanted to improve my skin, lines and wrinkles and have a more youthful appearance. The NeoGen high energy treatment downtime was 7 days and I was pretty much house bound, then had another week or so with patches that had not healed. But NeoGen treatment was so worth the inconvenience and I would have it done again without hesitation.

It has definitely improved my lines and wrinkles and made me more youthful looking. This has boosted my confidence so much – well put it this way I met a new man just after the treatment and we are now engaged!

Cheryl – London

I have always looked after my skin but after turning 60 I could see the writing was on the wall, I wasn’t looking any younger. I opted for NeoGen high energy treatment, which went extremely smoothly. After treatment the only draw back was the amount of gel I needed to put on my skin to keep it moisturised during the healing process.

After 5 days my skin settled down and I was back out and about again within seven days. I now have a fresh, more youthful appearance with a definite improvement in the deep lines and wrinkles. I don’t need to tell my friends how amazing NeoGen is, they can see it in my face.

Jean – Ribble Valley

I had NeoGen Skin Regeneration after a long and informative consultation with Dr. Montero.  My concerns were pigmentation, uneven skin tone, slackness around the cheek and jowl area and of course wrinkles. After the treatment it took 2/3 weeks for my skin to settle down but I had constant advice and reassurance from both Gill and Dr. Montero.

When it settled the results were remarkable and 4 months later it still continues to improve.  My beauty therapist said my skin is in better condition than it was when I started to see her almost 7 years ago, she is equally impressed.  My skin is glowing. NeoGen is fabulous and the staff at Discover Laser are approachable and knowledgeable.  If you are considering this procedure, you will not be disappointed.

Jackie – Barrowford


At your appointment our Doctor will assess your skin health and check your suitability for treatment. Together you can talk about what you would like to achieve, treatment options, expected outcomes, and your questions can be answered.