PDO Threads – erase lines around your eyes and mouth

PDO threads at Discover Laser in Burnley LancashireThis minimally invasive procedure uses dissolvable PDO threads to stimulate new collagen production, reduce wrinkles, tighten pores and create volume.

Lines around the eyes and mouth are smoothed away and you will see a gradual improvement in the condition of your skin, in the months following treatment.

If you are looking for results that are more effective and long lasting than toxin injections and fillers, then PDO threads are the ideal choice

One of our highly trained medical practitioners will insert PDO threads under your skin through a very fine needle or cannula. The procedure is very safe and threads are fully dissolved in the body after one to two years.

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Honey Derma PDO Threads

mono-derma-pdo-threadHoney Derma Threads are made of soluble PDO (polydioxanone), a material used in medicine for many years, mainly in surgery as sutures.

PDO relaxes muscles and tendons while stimulating the production of new collagen in the skin. PDO also stimulates the production of elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin, vital for creating youthful looking skin.

The PDO thread is inserted into the skin through a very fine needle or cannula causing an artificial wound, inducing a healing effect which improves the skin.

The threads are re-absorbable over 12-18 months, but the body’s own collagen formation around the thread maintains skin improvement.

In general, the best candidates are women and men from the mid thirties to sixties who want a more rejuvenated and longer lasting effect than fillers or toxin injections.

When performed by a trained doctor, the procedure is very safe. Our lead medical practitioner Dr Montero has had extensive training and practical experience.

The risks and complications are uncommon and usually easily correctable. In the rare event of a complication, the threads can be removed or repositioned. The treatment is performed under local anaesthesia, so there are none of the risks associated with general anaesthesia.

Usually only one procedure is needed to achieve the desired effect. However, there is no problem having repeated procedures if needed. It is possible to have toxin injections and fillers in combination to enhance the result.

You will be given a local anaesthetic prior to having the procedure and some light sedation if you feel you need it. Patients say “the worst part is having the local anaesthetic”.

The procedure is very safe and complications are rare. Swelling and bruising around the injection site are possible immediately after treatment but symptoms should subside after 24-48 hours.

Skin irregularities, asymmetries and puckering are rare side effects, which, as this technique is entirely reversible, are easily corrected under local anaesthetic.

There may be a tiny amount of bruising at the injection site and some minor swelling where the thread is positioned under the skin. These symptoms should subside quite quickly and you should be back to normal after approximately 24-48 hours.

Following treatment you will be given aftercare instructions that must be followed to avoid dislodging the threads from their supportive tissue whilst the collagen reaction takes place.

Some of these instructions include avoidance of forceful facial rubbing, strong active facial movement, sleeping on the side of your face, avoiding excessive mouth opening and some sporting activities. This will all be explained to you and with a little care is easily achievable.

You will see an immediate improvement (once the swelling subsides), however it will be three months before you start to see the full results from treatment.

Results are long lasting, up to 2 years.

Treatment is not permanent – PDO threads are absorbed by your body. Your skin will return to its natural state over time, so multiple treatments will be needed to maintain the look.


At your appointment our Doctor will assess your skin health and check your suitability for treatment. Together you can talk about what you would like to achieve, treatment options, expected outcomes, and your questions can be answered.