Shinso Before and AfterHow do A-List Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston keep their skin healthy and wrinkle free?

We met with creator of the Shinso Skincare Range, Nao Tsuruta, in London at the Anti-ageing show, to find out.

Squeezing his time between his celebrity clients in the USA and the demands of the Cannes Film Festival coming up, Nao had time to show us his amazing range of natural products that create an ‘Instant lift’.

Seeing is believing so Dr Montero had half his face treated with Shinso Mist and could immediately see the difference – happily Nao treated the other half too!

The effects from a single spray of Shinso Mist can last up to about 4 days but if used daily you can expect long-term improvements and when combined Shinso essence and glow is the perfect  in-depth faical for both men and women looking to be red-carpet ready before a special event.

Shinso Mist

Nao’s expertise and background is in sea water and particularly in its absorption. He has worked tirelessly to ensure his products can penetrate the skin instantly, reaching the layers beneath to deliver amazing results.

His products are formulated using 70 rare herbs, botanicals, deep sea water of over 60 minerals and 2 nobel-prizing winning ingredients. For the first time ever they have been incorporated into a rejuvenating and anti-ageing facial treatment.

The Shinso Natural Facelift rejuvenates and tightens your skin whilst reducing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. It visibly tones and lifts the jaw line, mouth, eyes and cheeks. The 4 Shinso products used in this luxury treatment, Shinso Essence, Glow, Mask and Mist refine your skin’s texture and leaves your face more radiant and youthful.

We are looking forward to offering this fantastic facial treatment in the clinic soon. Find out more at the Shinzo website

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