Private treatment for peace of mind

As we age, the smooth skin of childhood gives way to all sorts of mysterious lumps and bumps.

Most are cosmetic in nature, rather than an indication of a more serious health issue but they can still cause concern because of how they look or feel.

Minor skin blemish removal is no longer available on the NHS, and a growing number of people are having them safely removed at our private clinic.

They are also choosing to have more serious blemishes diagnosed and removed by our Consultant Dermatologist.

Same day surgical and non-surgical procedures under local anaesthetic give good cosmetic results with minimal scarring and high cure rates.

There’s no need to be referred by your GP, but you may wish to discuss it with them first.

If you have concerns about your blemishes, especially moles, it’s important to get them checked out immediately, particularly if you notice changes in shape, size, border or colour.

Our dermatology experts will assess whether your blemish is clinically safe for removal and discuss your treatment options with you.


Your dermatology treatment options

Photo of adult acne and acne scarring
Photo of facial blemish


Photo of Mohs Surgery


Photo of adult acne and acne scarring


Photo of adult with rosacea


Photo of adult with facial scar
Photo of adult with stretch marks



“I came to see Doctor Montero about a large number of skin tags on my neck which were unsightly and often commented on by my children. I am so relieved that they are gone – you can hardly see that they were ever there at all.”
Blemish Patient, for Skin Tags
“The treatment from [Dr Montero] was first class….I had my Haemangioma removed from my cheek. I was so anxious leading up to the consultation, the little friend on my cheek really had me worried. Fortunately it turned out to be “not so bad” after all – the experience and professionalism here was first class.”
Blemish Patient, for Haemangioma

“If you are looking for a great dermatologist, look no further than Dr Arif Aslam who has a way of making you feel as though you are his only patient, he takes time and listens to all of your concerns. He is very thorough and extremely professional. The staff at Discover Laser are are courteous and kind and made the whole experience a pleasure.”

Mohs Surgery Patient, for Skin Cancer

“I can honestly say, me and my husband have never experienced such amazing care and service than what we did here!…Gill you are an angel and thank you so much for supporting not just my husband but also me throughout the day and Dr Aslam – AMAZING , he is a master at what he does but also does it with such care and empathy putting my husband at ease the whole time!”

Mohs Surgery Patient, for Skin Cancer

“I had ‘resigned’ myself  to living with [Rosacea] before Miguel was recommended to me, and did not expect the vast improvements that he has managed to achieve in relatively few sessions.”

Rosacea Patient

“The laser treatment was not painful and as promised the results were fantastic. Special thanks to Miguel for his wonderful manner and high level of knowledge and expertise.”

Rosacea Patient

“I had read an article about the treatments on offer at Discover laser and the testimonials from clients sounded positive so I booked in for a consultation. Although sceptical I thought that even any minor improvement would be worth the cost. I have now had laser treatments on my stomach and upper thighs and feel so much more confident.”

Stretch Marks Patient