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Botulinum Toxin Injections – how to stay safe

2019-08-30T12:27:13+00:00By |Categories: Rejuvenation|

You can run into trouble in so many ways in this unregulated world of aesthetics. I imagine it's how it would have been in the Wild West, but with needles instead of guns. Even some trainers offering toxin injection courses may have no experience or might never have picked up a needle, yet can legally train others how to do it! It's the stuff of nightmares. However, with a few facts about toxins, treatment, safety and standards and why they are (or should [...]

What to do when dermal fillers go wrong

2017-03-04T21:06:48+00:00By |Categories: Rejuvenation|

There are a rapidly growing number of dermal filler injectors with little knowledge and experience, and who aren’t Doctors, Nurses or Dentists. So it's no surprise that we are seeing a sharp rise in the number of people coming to us for dermal filler correction, after treatment performed elsewhere by non-medically trained individuals. We see ladies and men with too much dermal filler, lumpy and uneven texture, or even a blueish tinge where the filler is (Tyndall effect). Some have had fillers for the first [...]

The business of looking good

2021-05-05T14:23:06+00:00By |Categories: Problem Skin, Rejuvenation|

Non-surgical cosmetic treatments were once considered ‘something just for women’ but I have been welcoming a growing number of men to our clinic. An increasing number of men are investing in their skin health and appearance. Some have seen the positive effects of their partner’s treatment, while others have learnt from the media that non-surgical treatments are for them too. While they have a common desire to look and feel their best - their reasons for wanting treatment, are far more varied. My [...]

Dermal fillers that everyone will notice but no-one will know

2017-03-04T21:06:48+00:00By |Categories: Latest Discoveries, Rejuvenation|

If you’re trying to decide on the best treatment for the signs of ageing, chances are you’ve come across dermal fillers. These simple injections can be used to correct or enhance facial contours, plump lips, soften the appearance of wrinkles and improve the tone and texture of the skin. Naturally does it Facial aesthetics medicine is constantly evolving. With almost endless treatment possibilities, it is essential that I understand how to achieve the best results for my patients. I recently attended Allergan Medical [...]